Our Story

Ever since I was a little kid I’ve wanted to be a writer. I was obsessed with Jane Goodall, chimpanzees, and gorillas, so when life got difficult - as it does for all of us at some point or another - I’d spread paper, pencils, and crayons all over the living room floor and set to work writing invigorating tales about the beautiful creatures in the photographs from my favorite Goodall book.


Fast forward about twenty years later. I now spend my working days as a therapist - a vocation  that I deeply love - and every day hear stories of pain, resilience, heartache, and transformation. While the hundreds of individuals that I have had the honor of talking to are beautifully unique, over the years, I’ve discovered that a common theme runs through every single story I hear: a desire and longing to belong.


In both my personal and professional life, I’ve found that true belonging happens when we are vulnerable and courageous enough to share our self and our stories with others and are met and embraced with unconditional love.


And I’ve never met anyone who lives out unconditional love as fully and wholeheartedly as my uncle, Danny Ballard. If Uncle Danny is in the room, every other person in the space feels seen, sincerely cared for, and nurtured. Uncle Danny has an incomparable love for other people that transcends fault and failure, differing perspectives and ideals, and that is available the moment that he meets someone. He organically offers the world what I - and all of my therapy clients - so desire: kindness, love… a chance to belong.


So in 2016 we decided to team up and create a platform that people all over the world could use to experience belonging through the vulnerable, transformative process of storytelling, writing, publishing, and engaging in group dialogue.


Danny brings with him twenty-five years of experience as a successful entrepreneur and business coach. I bring my experience as a therapist and my passion for writing.


Now, we’d like to invite you to be part of this movement by sharing your stories and joining us in both experiencing and offering the gift of belonging. This, to us, is One World Achievement.

- Jenni Kay 

Danny Ballard

  Founder & Creator

For more than 25 years, Danny has been a successful entrepreneur, developing multiple businesses and training thousands of people. Danny's Pinnacle Gift™ is bringing out the full potential of others. He does this by listening with both his head and his heart and sensing opportunities for personal and professional growth. Danny enjoys speaking, training, and coaching, helping others uncover vocational success and personal fulfillment.  Danny serves as the "face" of One World Achievement™, connecting people around the globe to the mission and message of the organization.

Jenni Kay Long

Founder & Creator

Jenni Kay Long, RYT, LCSW, ADS, is a clinical social worker, mom, and writer. She is passionate about women's reproductive wellness and integrates counseling with auricular acupuncture, mindfulness, and trauma-sensitive yoga through Khesed Wellness.  At One World Achievement™, Jenni Kay helps people tell their stories by supporting individuals throughout the writing, editing, and publishing process.