Belong Groups™ are small groups of 5-10 people who meet anywhere from once a week to once a month and work through a One World Achievement workbook together. It's like a book club that focuses on a specific topic such as personal wellness, parenthood, financial stability, or spiritual growth.​

Want to start a group? Check out the tips below.
Want to join a group? Check out the One World Achievement Facebook Page and find a group in your area. 

Belong Groups

1. Choose a workbook


Explore the One World Achievement™ library and choose the workbook that is most helpful for your current personal and/or professional growth. You can read previews and easily order your book online. 

2. Invite some friends


We believe that experiencing community helps us all become healthier, happier, and more whole. So, gather some friends and work through your chosen topic as a group. Or... use this as an opportunity to make new friends. Consider creating a MeetUp group, find folks through Facebook, or post a flyer at your favorite coffee shop. In this age of technology so many people are longing for in-person connection... we want to help make that happen! Group members can purchase their workbooks by visiting the One World Achievement™ online store. 

3. Enjoy a drink or snack


Coffee... wine... kale smoothie, anyone? There's no pressure to throw a fancy dinner party (though that might be fun too!) just brew up a pot of coffee, pull out your workbooks, and get to know yourselves and each other in a group member's living room or at the park. 

4. Build community 


... and experience meaningful conversations. In Belong Groups™ people have the opportunity to talk through important topics that affect their everyday lives, such as finances, parenting, relationships, and more. By working through a One World Achievement™ workbook with a small group of individuals who are interested in the same topic and dedicated to personal growth, everyone benefits from the collective wisdom, diverse perspectives, and unique experiences that group members have to offer. What better way is there to achieve our goals than in a community of friends?